Monday, September 19, 2005


that's right, you there
down in the back, up in the corner
head nodding, eyelids drooping
shoulders sagging,
we gotta learn this stuff
all seven sides of it
right side, left side
front side, back side
inside, outside
blind side;
now d'ya see;
stuff it in:
look it up, look it over,
above and below
through and through
get it down; it's something,
can't get away from it:
the falling down
the piling around, getting
into and through it, stuff;
before getting out of
or over with it
traveling along
from here to there
on to bigger things
back to the beginning
up from the start, over and over,
down and through
finishing up with,
the very stuff of
outside and inside,
on top of and below,
being said and done
repeating myself
alone or with others

Monday, September 12, 2005

Grammar, Grandma

it's grammar, grandma,
the ’that which“ of quiddities
carrying us through
the this and that
naming and describing
of the whatnot ideas, objects,
and who(m)soevers
how they tango together
squeezed into our abode
at this or any time
to come passing down
the generations
recipe for this here
meal tonight which I
must thank you for
whose deliciousness
I enjoy one bite
at a time in a place
not able to do other