Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sin Tax

the truculent incorrigible
perfidious and nefarious
sidles alongside
the reluctant diminutive
dressed in red-velvet
slipping away to gather itself
further away than
before it was noticed
by persistent observation
of the unwholesome one
standing now outside
the window leading
to the room where partying
describes the dances of grace
before thought and after whimsy
unbuttons its waistcoat
to the incoming breeze

'Sup: nouns, verbs, etc.

syntax flows
hydrangeas grow
invariance steps
fragility breaks
cohesion melts
perspicacity wells
intransigence knows
mercy spends
tolerance defends
indecision steeps
violence creeps
metaphysics leaps
regression repeats
inveteracy loses
desire chooses
honor snoozes
politics decries
wealth deifies
hope sneezes
justice wheezes
hate quickens
love loosens
time flies
years die
galaxies bloom
in another room
amen to that
and this